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about video calls


The best care from the experts.


Whenever you want, according to your availability.


From wherever you want, at your convenience.


45-minute sessions

via Skype or similar platforms

we choose the expert that best suits your needs

make the most out of what you've worked on learning pills

solve your doubts and answer your questions

registered psychologists

how do they work?



We assign you to your Coach, based on your needs. He or she will contact you within a period of approximately 24 business hours, at the email you provided when subscribing to myCoach.


You set the date and time for the session. During the session, you will resume the process selecting the most appropriate learning pills for you, based on the results of the initial assessment and the information you provide to your Coach.


You can book additional video calls in which you can discuss your progress with your Coach, or answer questions and provide you with new and useful advice.
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