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meet our team


You will be assigned to the coach that best suits your profile, according to the results of the initial evaluation.


With their emotional support they will provide you with a meaningful experience and help you get the most out of the learning pills.


All our coaches are licensed and registered psychologists and are experts in the areas you will be working with.

we are proud of our team


Laura Vigouroux

"I thank Laura for all her support, for listening to me and giving me advice. She is a good professional."

Written by N.S.


Jessica Bigogno

"Very useful sessions. My coach is very attentive and knows how to help me in the areas that are challenging for me."

Written by S.P.


Montse Cazcarra

"She has clarified my questions and has helped me in what I have needed.

She has given me confidence and security in myself".

Written by R.V.


Jasmine Gregori

"Excellent care. I always finish my sessions in a better mood."

Written by E.A.


Emmy Smit

"Always very attentive. Emmy knows when we can deviate from the modules slightly to address my concerns. I am delighted."

Written by B.M.


Ibai Arregui

"Nice and friendly. You can tell he has knowledge. I am very satisfied with his care."

Written by M.J.


Sophie Karen

"Always happy with how well Sophie remembers the points we talked about in the previous session. She gives me very useful advice".

Written by J.A.


Trini Sánchez

"It motivates me. It helps me to come to conclusions about how I feel. I've discovered the world of self-awareness. There is hope..."

Written by R.B.

...and many more Psychologists and Coaches at your disposal, ready to take care of you.


we find the right coach for you

We know that finding the right Coach for your individual process is essential for you to regain your emotional wellbeing.


That's why we carefully select the professionals who are part of our team, and analyse their areas of expertise to ensure that they fit with yours.


Let us take care of you.


Together we will make you feel better!

work with us

Do you want to be part of our team?

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