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general questions

what is myCoach?

It is an online therapy programme that mixes weekly learning pills that you can go at your own pace, with sessions by video call with your Coach.

why learning pills?

The learning pills provide you with the knowledge, techniques and tools you need to improve your wellbeing and/or develop your skills. By investing time on your own to learn the knowledge and techniques, you can use the time in the session with your Coach more effectively to answer any questions or to focus on the specific areas that are most important to you.

is it confidential?

Yes, all information collected is done in accordance with the LOPD (Data Protection Act).

is it as effective as face-to-face therapy?

Scientific studies support the effectiveness of online therapy.


Important: myCoach and the resources proposed by Psy@Home do not replace any type of medical prescription. If you are in danger or in an emergency situation, please refer to the following resources:

Emergency telephone number: 112

Care for victims of gender-based violence: 016

Phone De La Esperanza 717-003-717 http://telefonodelae

about the process

how do I start?

1. Select a plan (click here) and subscribe.


2. Once you have subscribed, you will be invited to complete your profile and the initial assessment. In the profile we will ask you to select a day of the week on which to complete your weekly pills (learn more about the pills).


3. We will then show you the 6 learning pills we have selected for you, based on the test results. At that time we will ask you to choose the other 6 pills that will be part of your first coaching cycle.


4. Once you have chosen your pills, on the day of the week you have selected, you can start with the first learning pill.


5. The day after completing the pill, you will have access to your daily tasks.

​how much time should I invest?

Signing up, completing your profile and the initial assessment takes 20-30 minutes.


Each of the weekly pills will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. And the daily tasks will take between 2 and 10 minutes. If you are unable to complete your weekly pill in a week, you won't miss out on it - it will be available until you complete it.

how long does it take?

As long as you want.


As they are weekly pills, if you take them on time, week after week, you will finish the first cycle of coaching after about 3 months. However, some weeks you may not be able to take your learning pill on time. In this case, you wouldn’t miss out on it; it would remain available until you complete it.

what happens if I don't complete the pills?

You can complete the pills at your own pace. Until you complete the available pill, the second pill will not be available. For example: imagine you have selected Monday as the day of the week to take your pills. If you don't complete the pill on Monday, you will have the whole week to do so. But, if next Monday you don't complete it, the pill will still be available. If you want to know more about the pills, click here.

what happens if i don't complete daily tasks?

The daily tasks are completely optional.


Completing them will reinforce what you've learned during the pills, but they're not a requirement for moving forward.

about contacting your Coach

how do I contact him/her?

It will be the Coach that we assign to you who contacts you first to establish the first session, in case you have chosen the plan that includes video calls.

how are the video calls carried out?

They are carried out using Skype or other platforms that allow video calls. Video call sessions last 45 minutes. If you want to know more click here.

how many video calls can I make?

The standard plan (click here to see the plans) includes a video call with your coach. However, you can hire as many additional sessions as you want. You can tell your coach about this, or book them by clicking here.

how does the chat work?

The chat option will allow you to contact your coach in a timely manner, to resolve any specific questions you may have regarding the pills.


It is possible that some questions cannot be addressed through the chat, in which case your coach will suggest you to do it through a video call in which he can dedicate the time and attention that your issue or questions needs.

about the health plans

how do they work?

You can see our plans by clicking here. All our plans are renewed automatically, except if you cancel your subscription by going to your myCoach profile and clicking on "Cancel subscription".

how can I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe by canceling your subscription through the "Cancel subscription" section, which you will find within your myCoach profile.

can I change plan?

Yes, you can switch from economy to standard at any time; and from standard to economy after two months. Contact us by clicking here and we will help you to proceed with the change of plan.

¿puedo contratar videollamadas adicionales?

Yes, if you have contracted the standard plan and want to have more than one video call with your coach, or if you have contracted the economy plan and want to add video calls, you can do so. Contact us by clicking here and we will help you in this regard.

technical issues

how do I access myCoach?

To access for the first time, you must first subscribe. Click here, select a plan and start the process.


Once you have registered, you can access myCoach from:

does an app exist?

No, myCoach does not have an app version. But you can access from any device. We recommend making the first steps and complete the learning pills from a computer, and daily tasks (optional) from a mobile or tablet.

are there technical requirements?

No, although we recommend using Google Chrome as a browser.


If your browser is not updated, we recommend that you do so for an optimal experience.

I have lost my password, what do I do?

Go to the myCoach log in screen, and click on "I forgot my password."

funcionamiento myCoach

when will I have access to my pills?

You will have access to one learning pill a week. If you want to know more about the pills, click here.


When you start the process we ask you to select a day of the week to complete the weekly learning pill. For example, imagine you have selected Monday. Every Monday you will have access to a new pill, as long as you have completed the previous one.


To access your pills, log in to myCoach and go to "My sessions", on the home screen.

do I have access to pills I have already completed?

Yes, you will continue to have access to your previous pills, for the duration of your subscription. You can access them by going to "My sessions" and using the menu on the left to access the pill you want, from among those you have already completed.

how do I access my daily tasks?

To access your daily tasks, go to "My tasks", on the myCoach home screen.


The tasks will be available, a new one every day, from the day after you have completed the corresponding learning pill.

how do I access diet, exercise, quitting smoking and drinking plans?

You can access them from the main screen by clicking on the "My wellbeing" icon. Once inside, we'll ask you for a series of parameters to create a tailor-made plan.


Your action plan, as the name suggests, translates into daily actions that will help you achieve your goals. The actions you will need to take will be displayed on the home page, indicating what action you are taking each day, so that it is easier for you to follow up.​


You can read more about the action plans by clicking here.

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