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a healthy life with myCoach


Balanced diet, according to your needs and your daily calorie intake


Physical exercise in line with your current lifestyle.


Stop smoking and drinking. We guide you step by step.


customised, taking into account parameters such as your weight, your height, your level of physical activity... or the number of cigarettes or drinks you consume per day

we provide you with the information you need

we translate your goal into action so that every day you make constant progress

track your progress

how do they work?

     you select the       
     area to work on


Once you have access to myCoach, go to "My well-being" on the main screen. Select the area you want to work on:
Healthy eating
Physical exercise
Quitting smoking
Stop drinking
     enter your


We will ask you to enter parameters such as your weight, height, food preferences, physical activity habits,... for plans for adopting a healthier diet or more physical exercise. And, in the case of quitting smoking and drinking, we'll ask you to tell us how many cigarettes or drinks you have, and in which situations.
    get the


Action plans for adopting a healthier lifestyle are divided into subgoals and, for each subgoal, into actions. We will tell you which actions to take on the home page, in a list/calendar where you can tick off each action, once it has been taken.
      your progress


Monitor your progress and, every 3 months, review your progress and adjust the plan to your current needs.
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