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Improve how you communicate with your partner

Communication is key in any relationship. Poor communication in a couple prevents it from flowing properly, hinders organisation in daily life, hinders coexistence, gives rise to misunderstandings and has a negative effect on the wellbeing of those involved.

We learn to communicate in our role as a couple from what we have experienced first hand (in previous relationships) and what we have seen in our parents or other people whom we have taken as an example.

Precisely because it is something we have learned, we can unlearn what is not beneficial to us, and relearn strategies that improve communication between a couple.

How? These are some points you should take into account to improve how you communicate with your partner:

  1. Communicating (which is different from speaking) is a process, not an act, and is intended to convey a message. To do this we can use much more than just words. It conveys non-verbal communication and paralinguistic language (the tone of our voice, the pauses, how we use silence...).

  2. Listening to understand the other person and understand their needs and opinions, avoiding preparing our response while our partner is speaking.

  3. . Strive to understand and try to empathise: put ourselves in their shoes, understand why they feel the way they feel or why they need what they need, and take it into account.

  4. Accept differing opinions: we are not our partner, so we do not need to think in the same way.

  5. Communicate with one goal in mind: communicating and exchanging opinions is undoubtedly enriching.

Our online Coaching program, myCoach, contains several learning pills that will provide you with the techniques and strategies you need to improve how you communicate with your partner. Would you like to know more? Click here.

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