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  about the pills


Learn scientifically proven techniques and tools.


Selection of tailor-made pills, based on your test results and your interests.


Wherever you want, whenever you want.


30-minute pills

one pill a week

contain practical exercises

in each pill you will work on a different aspect focused on improving your well-being

accessible from PC, mobile or tablet

how do the learning pills work?

     you select 
     day of the week


In the profile, you select the day of the week on which you want to complete the weekly pills. For example, imagine you have selected Monday as your day to complete your weekly pill. Every Monday you will get access to a new pill.


If you have not been able to do this on Monday, no problem: it will remain available until you can complete it.

     complete the
      weekly pill


Each pill begins with a few brief reflections; and contains the information you need about each of the topics you deal with. It also contains a short 5-question test, and some practical exercises where you will apply what you have learned.
    daily task      


To get the most out of your coaching programme, we invite you to put what you have learned into practice in your daily tasks, but it is up to you to decide whether to complete them.
     new pill


The following week, you will get access to your next pill (provided you have completed the previous one). And so on, until you reach number 12, after which we will re-evaluate your progress. Based on your results, we will suggest 6 pills for your next coaching cycle; the other 6 pills can be chosen by you, as you did in the first 12-pill cycle.
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